Preparing for Your Big Hot Air Balloon Flight


Adventure is something that many people seek, and for those who are ready to take on the adventure of flying in hot air balloons, there may be many questions running through their mind. For first time fliers, it is not unheard of for the person to feel as though they cannot do this. The good news is that preparing for your first hot air balloon flight is more mental than anything.


Tip 1: Ask Questions


If a person feels as though they cannot go through with the hot air balloon flight, they need to ask questions about the worries they are having. Most first timers are going to have the same worries and most of these worries stem from the safety of the hot air balloon flight. Hot air balloon rides are extremely safe as only trained professionals have a license to fly others in these. This is not like flying a plane, yet they are just as safe as if the person were driving their own car.


Riding in a hot air balloon can be the best adventure a person has, as most people have never done this. But, imagine seeing the lay of the land from high in the sky, and knowing that this view is one that you could not see if you were sitting in a window seat on a plane. If you have a fear, be sure to voice this, and remember that no question is too silly to ask.


Tip 2: Wear flat heeled shoes


Though riding in hot air balloons is considered safe, there are instances of people curling their ankles due to wearing the wrong type of footwear. It is best for a person to come prepared with flat soled shoes or running shoes. This is going to allow a person to keep their balance better in the basket, as well as ensure that upon departure they do not have an accident.


Tip 3: Wear long sleeved shirts


Though it may be a hot summer day in which you decide to take your ride, it is best if you come prepared and have a long sleeved shirt to pull on or to wear this upon arriving. The reason being is that the burner in a hot air balloon does let out some heat and for those who may positioned near the burner, it can become uncomfortable. The heat is comparable to what a person would feel while riding a motorcycle, or putting their hand on the hood of a car that has been running for a while.


Tip 4: Pack accordingly


There are several hot air balloon flights that are going to allow a person to take a picnic with them, such as the case for those that are taken as a part of honeymoon trip or the like. If you know there is something that you want to take, then pack this and be sure to ask the professional if it is okay to pack with you. A few things that cannot be taken into the hot air balloon ride are oxygen tanks as these are highly flammable. Wheel chairs are not allowed on board, as this can disrupt the weight of the basket, leaving for a an awkward landing and take off, as well as disrupting the flight of the balloon.


If you are ready to take the adventure of a lifetime, then be sure that you are preparing yourself. Ask questions if you feel the need, and wear the appropriate clothing. Through performing these tasks, you will have a safe and enjoyable hot air balloon ride.