Hot Air Balloon Rides in The Rocky Mountains

There is no similar beauty than what is found within the Rocky Mountains. Known as one of the most prestigious mountain ranges throughout the world, those who are interested in seeing this up close and personal will find a hot air balloon ride to be one of the best ways to experience this natural wonder. A hot air balloon ride is a thrill of its own, yet when coupled with going near the Rocky Mountains; it makes it a once in a lifetime adventure with Rocky Mountain Balloon Rides.

Why should you consider a hot air balloon ride? The reason is simple. These are safe ways to experience a wonder that you may only see once in your lifetime. Our hot air balloons are operated by FAA Commercial Pilots who are also FAA Certified Flight Instructors with perfect safety records. Thus, everyone who goes up into these baskets, will know that they are in good hands. The second reason so many people choose a hot air balloon ride is that this is an experience that most people have never had. Hot air balloon rides may have been invented in the1780′s, but today they are a very popular and exciting way to celebrate that special occasion.
Intimacy with Nature
The Sol Dancer Balloon is FAA certified for 3 passengers, but we keep it at 2 passengers, and when you have a private balloon ride, we take the most amazing photos with your camera, and there are no other groups of people in your hot air balloon photos.  This kind of intimacy makes the difference.  You are one with nature! So if you are searching for an adventure in the Rocky Mountain Mountains look no further! Contact Rocky Mountain Balloon Rides today!