When a couple gets married, it is tradition for the couple to take a honeymoon. Yet, a honeymoon does not have to be going to an extravagant hotel and ordering room service. For those newly wed couples who are looking to have some fun on their honeymoon, taking a hot air balloon ride can be the perfect solution. This is especially true of those couples who may have never done this. It is the one activity in which they can do for the first time together, to start their marriage off in excitement and trust.


Intimacy in Balloon Rides


There is a certain amount of intimacy that can be found when riding in hot air balloons. Though there will be a professional there to man the balloon, for all intents and purposes the couple is alone. Add into the fact that the couple is several hundred feet into the air with no distractions from the world, it can mean for a romantic getaway that cannot be achieved in other way. Any couple will find they can enjoy one another’s company, while also seeing an amazing view together.


The View


There is nothing like a view from a hot air balloon. Even those who have rode planes and helicopters will find that the area they flown in is still not as beautiful as what can be seen from a balloon. The reason for this is the height as to which the balloon will be floating. It allows a couple to really see all that the land has to offer, including those rock formations or farmland that is not seen from such a vantage point. For newly married couples, this can be an experience they can look back on in fifty years and know this is something that unites the two of them, and will make for some interesting stories to their children and grandchildren.


Romantic Gesture


For any newly married couple, the romance can still be found in these rides. Though the intimacy is there since the two are alone, there are ways in which the couple can celebrate their union. Imagine kissing one another while floating above and around the Rocky Mountains. This is a romantic gesture that will not be outdone for years to come.


The idea of taking a honeymoon to ride a hot air balloon is one in which many newly married couples have done. It is a safe way to celebrate the union of the couple, while also proving to be one of the ways in which they can have a honeymoon adventure, intimacy and romance coupled into one great activity.