EXCLUSIVE Two Passenger VIP Flight – Sometimes the occasion calls for just the two of you. Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, marriage  proposal, or special occasion in the “Sol Dancer.” The Sol Dancer is a 77,000 cubic ft Firefly Balloon. The FAA inspects this Balloon every 100 hours of flight or annually, whichever comes first. This balloon is rated for 3 passengers plus pilot, but we usually keep it at 2 passengers plus pilot.  There are no other passengers on your flight, so you don’t have to worry about being squeezed in with other passengers, which is the main reason we call it the Premier VIP Hot Air Balloon Ride.  Some people like to go high and some people prefer to contour the landscapes.  This allows the freedom to make your Hot Air Balloon Experience, specially catered for the two of you.  This is the Ultimate Romantic Sweetheart Flight.

  • Boulder-Longmont
  • Castle Rock
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What to Expect the day we fly...

When you arrive at the launch site, you will meet your pilot and crew. As your pilot makes the final weather determination for a safe flight, you will be served premium coffee, and light snacks, then begin your incredible journey. Your pilot will give you a safety briefing and point out the features and explain how the balloon works. Then watch as the “Sol Dancer” inflates and stands majestic, prepared for flight. As you leave the ground, you will float gently in the wind. Your pilot will fly to different altitudes to steer the Balloon. Your pilot will show and explain to you the beautiful Rocky Mountains and the scenery that can only be appreciated, from a bird’s eye perspective. Did you know that Hot Air Balloons predate the airplane by 120 years? After your pilot delivers you back into the loving arms of mother earth, you both will enjoy the “traditional champagne toast” and post-flight celebration.